3arcade Arcade Script

3arcade (formerly ArcadeBlocks) was a simple project we ran to make an arcade script which focuses on simplicity and usability; without the clutter of other scripts.

  • Index is a page of thumbnails – easy visibility
  • No complex template structure
  • Play page has real-time flash rating bar & random game button
ArcadeBlocks v1 Homepage
ArcadeBlocks v1 Homepage (The old version of 3arcade)

3arcade also offers:

  • Game titles and details (throughout the site)
  • Greatly improved admin panel
  • Improved code with greater comments and generally clear structure
3arcade Admin – Editing a Game

ArcadeBlocks is now  available for free download.

Click here to download:

  1. ArcadeBlocks v1.01 Script ~3Mb
  2. Game Pack ~295Mb