Delete (Permanently) Campaigns from Adwords

EDIT: I’m aware that the adwords interface has now changed; thankfully it makes a little more sense now 🙂

So, am I missing something, or it a REQUIREMENT to have ALL of your old campaigns sitting in your account, forever?

Imagine how silly this would be, deleting some data, thinking it’s gone – but it’s still there…and sporting a big DELETED.

It’s confirmed that you can’t actually remove campaigns from Adwords, and one of our new staff was most confused.

Why keep the old campaigns? Well, because we all love Historical Data! Or that’s what Google says anyway.

There is an easy solution – you can set your account to ‘pretend’ the data was deleted. It’s in a little box to the top right of the campaign box…they explain it more here.

Thing is, you can easily remove the deleted campaigns from your sight – but you’ve still got their totals messing with your curent totals.

Google, I want a purge feature. Delete = Delete. Delete DOES NOT = Disable.