Mediatemple Grid Server (gs) MySQL and Support Problems

Let me be honest, I really REALLY want to like Mediatemple. Their website is extremely well designed, there’s loads of support information in their customer area, their GPU system gives you detailed information on high-resource scripts and files on your server and their file system has excellent uptime and good speeds.

Mediatemple GS Control Panel

However, as I write this one of our personal projects which we put on it’s own Mediatemple server is displaying a MySQL connection error – again. Over the last week it’s been a constant on/off battle made many times worse by the very slow Mediatemple support.

Mediatemple Sport a Speedy 20Hr Response Time

It was acceptable to begin with, 5 hours for the first reply, 13 hours for the second that informed me there was a bigger issue (mediatemple always seem to have MySQL issues), 7 hours later they informed me the issue had been fixed.

25 hours later (yes, TWENTY FIVE), after I had replied saying there was still a problem, they told me it was all running ok…which it was THEN but it had been too slow to work for hours before they replied.

I should probably point out that all of this was mid-week so the only reason I can see for the slow responses is that everyone was busy working on the problem?

Mediatemple Support Home

In the past I have had timely replies to my tickets (2 hour average) which is not as good as some (VPSLatch and PowerVPS being the best I’ve seen) but decent. In fact the response time is estimated at 4 hours 28 mins in the control panel right now. I have had only one instance of downtime for my files but unfortunately there are a couple of other shortcomings of their system including overly complicated domain setup (for subdomains) and how they work with the system. Whereas cPanel (for example) has seperate stats and settings for each domain, Mediatemple’s control panel mixes them together so the Urchin stats show all sites as one.

This post isn’t completely one sided, as the amount of space & bandwidth you’re given is very generous; along with the actual computing ‘budget’ they provide you with being pretty high (with their GPU system). Their website is beautifully designed and works pretty well but is let down by their MySQL system and slightly confusing control panel. You can of course fix the MySQL fault by purchasing a MySQL container at $20/mo, offering excellent response times; but this doubles the monthly cost of the service.

Extra MySQL Packages Are Available

I’d also point out that the Mediatemple terms of use are similar to those found on VPS and dedicated servers, much more relaxed than shared servers. This is still very useful (combined with the high storage space and inclusive bandwidth) for image hosting sites etc that you can’t put elsewhere.

Hopefully this has given you a fairly round view of my time with mediatemple, everybody’s views differ and you’ll have a different experience depending on what cluster you’re on; but I’d suggest a VPS is a better way to go until Mediatemple sort out the annoying MySQL lag.