WP SEATT Simple Event Attendance

Update 28/05/2017: All future updates will be posted on withDave.com

Simple Event Attendance (SEATT) is a small plugin for WordPress 3 that allows you to add attendance polls to your posts/pages.

Simple attendance list, multiple lists can be added to any post or page and subscribed members can be edited.

Add an event in the admin panel with a name, description, closing date (for signing up) and registration limit (for number of users who can signup). You can then embed a form into any post or page using the wordpress shorttag (x = the event id).

From the admin panel you can read comments left by people who have registered, as well as boot them off the list or delete the list altogether.

For screenshots, more info and to download head to http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/simple-event-attendance/

2 thoughts on “WP SEATT Simple Event Attendance”

  1. When you want to subcribe to an event, you have to log in. After logging in you are redirected to your profile page. Is it possible to stay on the event after logging in, instead of being redirected? How do i take care of that?

    1. Yea I just had this same issue.

      There are several plugins available to override redirection after login. Run a search, configure plugin and you’re good to go.

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